Catching a Moment

Yesterday Little Abear went to refresh the water in the birdcage, and one of the birds, Joy, decided it was time for his escape. He’s been a little escape artist since the beginning, and each time causes a commotion in the Abear house. He lives up to his name with the glee and laughter that ensues in the home, even though he can be a little ornery at times, especially when caught.

I had already been capturing some images before his big escape, so my camera was near at hand, and the lighting/moment was too perfect not to capture. It was a family affair to catch him, but as always, he was caught and gently released back into his cage to his little friend Puffet.

These images tell a story with or without the added words, storytelling through imagery is one of my favorite art forms with any given media. What stories have you told lately? Have you been able to document them, capture them in any special way? I’d love to hear or see. Feel free to post a link to your own site or blog below!