Travel Series: San Diego

Every summer we try to escape the heat to sunny, breezy San Diego. We spend time making memories as a family and enjoying God's goodness and creation. There are some stops that we usually tend to make in the way of food/entertainment, and some new ones we've just discovered. Below you'll find a round-up of some places we've enjoyed and I hope you will too! 

Places To Explore

La Jolla Coves - a gorgeous view of the ocean with seals playing & sleeping nearby, depending on when they decide to visit!

Liberty Public Market - A fun shopping & walk-up restaurant plaza, there's food, clothing, jewelry, live music, art and more! 

Belmont Park - A rollercoaster, arcade, rides for all ages, and a great family time! 

Balboa Park - This is a great place to stroll through an indoor tropical garden, walk through art galleries, listen to the live organ being played outside, see street performers, and enjoy a little bit of science/nature/culture all in one place. 


Places to Eat

Pho Point Loma & Grill - Our friends introduced us to this the first time we had pho some years ago and we just love it! Plus they have a big fish tank kids are sure to love. 

The Cheese Shop & Sandwiches - Their tuna salad on sourdough is quite a tasty treat if you'd like something quick and casual! Plus they have an assortment of unique candies that can be a great take home for a little one. 

Walking on Water Cafe - A great place to get food while you wait for fish to take the bait, they serve clam chowder in a bread bowl, giant stacked nachos (see picture!), chili, and more!


Ice Cream - I thought this should have it's own category, with some favorite flavors mentioned! 

Scoops in La Jolla - A newer shop with some fun, inventive flavors. My personal favorites are Earl Grey & Honeycomb! 

Bobboi Natural Gelato also in La Jolla - Last year I had their Meyer Lemon, I'm not sure if they still carry it but it was absolutely delicious! 

Salt & Straw in Little Italy - my favorite icecream parlor ever, so of course it goes on the list. Grab a waffle cone and fill it with Salted Carmel, Butcher Block Chocolate and Lavender on top! Or if you try something else, leave a comment below!!

Lighthouse Ice Cream - They have hot waffle ice cream sandwiches and cookie cones, enough said!  

Do you have any favorite local SD spots? Let me know in the comments below!