Sessions: Z & A

What a treasure time is, and how very sweet when the accumulation of it results in something as pure and as beautiful as this. I've known this gal since she was a small one; and just past that I took care of her and her sisters and fed them mac & cheese with frozen corn mixed in, listening to their hearts and guarding them dearly every time I was asked to babysit. Then I met a boy who stole my heart and they made him their own, too. I watched as one by one they became young ladies, then young women with dreams that will change our world. And, as it always seems, not so long ago I began to hear about a boy that The Lord called forth. This precious girl and her sisters moved with their sweet parents last year to follow God's call, and so I heard about this boy from a distance. How marriage was in their future - and then how it became quite a near future. 

I came home tonight amazed by the woman that this little girl became, by the joy and maturity bubbling forth. And this gal who said she wanted to be like her babysitter with the ripped jeans, well she certainly makes me want to be a whole lot like the young woman she's become. 

Congratulations, Z & A, for accepting the invitation of Christ to walk in a marriage bound by Him. Wishing you many, many years of walking that road in submission and joy with one another.