DIY: Simple "Shiplap" Facade

Here's a pretty simple and easy DIY, depending on the size of your space! We had a pretty boring front facade to our counter, and the whole shiplap trend fit a simply and affordable makeover.

Due to the specific nature of this project, you'll have to figure out the dimensions and amount of supplies you'll need, but the jist of it is:

2X4 Wood Planks
Hand or Table Saw
Liquid Nails/Caulking Gun
Nails (or screws if you'd prefer)
Trim (if you need/want the edges finished)
Sand Paper
White Paint
Sealant (once again, preference - we haven't sealed yet)

Mr. Abear measured the space, and we purchased the amount of wood needed. He sawed the wood to make an uneven pattern, some planks on varying heights had cuts that lined up and some didn't. 

You may want to alternate gluing and cutting, as cutting all the wood ahead of time may result in some wasted pieces. You can liquid nail them to the surface, and reinforce with two nails/screws on each plank. 

Once they're all down, sand away! Beware, this will create lots of dust. It sounds obvious, but kitchen projects tend to surprise me with the amount of mess they make. 

Once it's all sanded, paint each plank one by one with your hue of choice. (I didn't do this, and it ended up causing us a little extra work needing to score the space between the planks so it looked like individual pieces, trial and error!)

 We still haven't put trim on the edge of the work, but it's been a crazy year all around and it doesn't bother me as much as it could! 

A simple and affordable solution to an otherwise bland space, my jam!