Small Masters Gallery Opening

A few weeks back we had our gallery opening, and I would say it was a wonderful outcome!!
The kids did a silent auction of their work to benefit the Royal Family Kids Camp and made quite the financial impact! I am so thankful for each and every one of these small hands, all creating beautiful masterpieces. Two six-year-old docents explained the work to our guests, with lovely door greeters welcoming them in and an eight-year-old auctioneer there to help with the fundraising. We had a small reception in the breezeway, with a very helpful concierge offering refreshments. The kids also displayed a couple of collaborative pieces, including their finished Mona Lisa. You would never guess the Mona was created by seven students all in sections (with only a small amount of help from their teacher;-). Overall it was a blessed evening, with my heart full of joy. 
I look forward to more lessons and lessons learned!