Travel Stories: Denver

Last month Mr. Abear and I kissed the kiddos goodbye at my parent's house and got on our way to catch an evening flight to Denver. We stayed in Aurora and drove into Denver the next day to explore. We ended up going to the air and space museum, and I'll be honest, I thought it was going to be super boring. But it was so fun!!! There were sculptures made by a WWII veteran, planes parked all throughout the hangar, AND --- A PIECE OF THE MOON! Ok, so it was incredibly small, no larger than a pebble -
That night we went into the "hipster" part of Denver and I ordered an amazing chai latte at 
The next day we jumped in the car and drove up to Colorado Springs so we could see where Adventures in Odyssey is produced, along with the official Whit's End (dream come true, friends). I even had a WodFamChocSod (fan girl moment, ask me about it later). Of course it was under the guise that we should go so we could tell Little Abear all about it, but let's be real. We loved it.
We went on a mini hike and started heading back to the airport. It was short, but very sweet. 
The best part? Time away with my love, it doesn't matter where we are - he's always up for finding adventure together.