March Book List

While all of my previous book recommendations have always been for the small readers, here are a handful for the (a little) older heart, mind and body.

I had meant to post this last night, but alas my sweet little girl was running, tripped over a threshold and fell into a bookshelf (irony?) We found ourselves at the ER, mercifully only a single stitch. 
She was a brave little trooper and deserved every bite of her late night gas station chocolate bar! Anyhow, here I am posting while the kiddos sit nearby and I hope my eyes will stay open all day. 
I'm looking forward to some more reading during their nap time, or maybe just a nap myself :)

1. Dear Mr. Knightley  by Katherine Reay is a diary-style fiction that will leave you curious for more. A young woman facing life challenges and new opportunities pours her heart to a mystery gentleman... and you'll just have to read the rest along with me :)

2. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin has practical monthly goals that the author has set for herself on a determined road to find happiness. It's not just facts or statistics of her own research, but rather a look into her personal life and what fuels her. I've found I resonate with her, but I also see that all these fixes are for happiness and not joy, for "the joy of the LORD is your strength." (Neh 8:10). As far as general life tips, so far these have been very helpful. Taking everything with a grain of salt!

3. The Whole30 by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig was a book bought and looked through last year to help me along on my journey to weight loss, but ultimately helped transform my perceptions about food, and the food on shelves in the grocery store. While at times I would say the rules for the Whole30 got a little extreme, I understand that this is not just for folks who would want to lose weight, but for people who are looking to troubleshoot legitimate health issues! If you've never heard of it, have health issues that are food-related and feel unsolvable, give it a look. We want our bodies to be healthy for the glory of God, so in that spirit is the only way I can recommend any healthy lifestyle. While I no longer do everything the book recommends, there are some eliminations that help me feel way better overall. One personal takeaway from my Whole30 journey - sugar is EVERYWHERE. I'm so glad of this awareness, and even though sugar substitutes are definitely not Whole30, I'm down with some healthy alternatives from plant/food-based/raw honey sources. 

What are you reading lately? Any soul-searching, life-changing moments? Have you ever tried Whole30, and if so - what was your Big Takeaway?