Tot Art: Exhibiting Artists

Today was quiet, a simple lesson on the first Bible printer and how he executed his greatest work, the printing of the Gutenberg Bible. Preceding the lesson we talked about our gallery show, and the kids went around the table and gave insights and critiques of one another's photography projects. 
Thankfully today was a quiet day because Saturday was quite the busy day for my little artists. They had their FIRST gallery show! It was held at the Gilbert Historical Museum, where we rented a professional gallery space to exhibit. All the little ones dressed up in their best outfits, the artwork hung gallery height for the guests, and a group prayer said before the official opening. Guests were greeted, given brochures, helped, and led by a docent - all ages seven and under. I am blown away at how they so gracefully showed their pieces, worked well as a team, and treated their guests with the utmost respect. I think the gallery visitors had a nice time as well, who could resist six of the cutest little artists to grace the valley with their work? ;-) All participants and attendants enjoyed a light reception after viewing the work. I look forward to many more lessons with these precious children, and continued awe at watching how they readily absorb knowledge and return from it little masterpieces.

AND, I'm so thankful for these captures of my little artists by my beautiful friend Laura!!
If that isn't the cutest little group of students... ;)