Sin Trees

It's amazing how much I've learned about the Lord through being a wife and mother.

Sunday evening, Little Abear was struggling with obedience a couple of times. The world might not see what he did as anything big,
but Mr. Abear wanted to get to the root of it all quickly - his heart. 
He proceeded with the following analogy.

He told Little Abear that earlier in the day him and I had eaten a couple of dates. He was able to eat it quickly, and spit out the pit quickly. On the other hand, it took him two days of on and off work last week cutting down a tree in our front yard - and there was still a stump and roots left over, along with branches and trunk still out front. This is the heart - if we catch sin quickly, it can be spit out and done with. If we allow it to manifest and grow, it will produce bad fruit. It will be much harder to be rid of this tree than a small pit, and there will be a mess to clean up after.

We all knelt together before the throne, and Little Abear started the prayers. He asked God to get rid of the "sin trees", and he asked the Lord to help us grow new baby Christian trees - amen! May we repent, and continually grow into the new graft of Christ in our lives.