Tot Art: Marbled Eggs

We had a little messy fun today with some shaving cream, food coloring, some toothpicks to draw with, and hard boiled eggs. 
We started off by reading The Easter Story, and we talked about salvation on this most special Holy Week. I wanted to make sure the kids knew Easter wasn't about bunnies, baby chicks or eggs - and, being trained young in the Gospel chimed in to let me know it was about Christ. Amen. So in that, we went ahead with the knowledge of what this day was really about, and did a fun little art project to create some marbled eggs. Simple, but DEFINITELY messy!! Since all I had on hand were some brown eggs, the effect was not nearly as strong as it should have been. I would encourage white eggs, and a little more food coloring to really flood the egg with color. But hey, edible fun? Not all art turns out perfectly.. but the experience was worthwhile for all of us.

If your family has any special ways you reflect on Christ's most sobering and awe-inspiring sacrifice this time of year, I would love to hear. May God bless you and yours this week as we draw near to the excitement of the greatest Victory of all time.