Tot Art: Letters and Books

Time to update some Tot Art posts - I've missed a couple of weeks!
Two weeks ago we looked at The Book of Kells, and crafted our own illuminated letters. Each child filled in the first letter of their name with pictures that started with the same letter - I love how they each have such a distinct and creative personality.

Last week, we looked at the idea of using existing items to create something new and special - in our case it was altered books. Each child received an animal book (thanks Chick-Fil-A kids meal!) and creatively changed it. For the Hummingbird book, flowers were drawn around the bird. For the Koala book, more leafy greens were put in. And for the Sea Lion book, cuts and edits were made. I think this project was one of my favorite this year! What art have you and your little ones made lately? Comments welcome!