Tot Art: A Collaborative Conversation

Two fun moments happened in Tot Art yesterday.

1. We talked about our upcoming Gallery Show at the Gilbert Historical Museum, I am SO excited.
We also talked about how we were going to frame our collaborative piece. I don't know which I'm more excited about, actually. AND, we looked at our finished piece of recycled paper from last week (remember that project? To my joy, it worked!) Ok, so I really just shoved three things into one very fun bullet point, but whatevs.

2. Little Abear had his FIRST presentation!! Both him and his daddy went on a 14 day worm hunting experiment using the scientific method, and he's supposed to present the findings and semi-conclusions to his grandpa tomorrow, so he practiced on the kids, so sweet. I am overwhelmed with how much he's learning!

Ok, enough gushing... for now ;)