We are in the middle of celebrating Christmas based on the Serbian Orthodox calendar, a tradition that we've honored since I was a baby. Little Abear was so sweet, letting us know that he told himself if he received something he would be grateful, and if he received nothing he would be grateful also. 
I am so thankful for his heart, learning to be content in all things at such a little age. 
One of his requests was hugs and kisses, something I will freely and always give!

While we should remember and act on Christ's sacrifice by meeting us in our sin and depravity daily, this is just one more stand out experience to remind us of such love. I pray next year Little Miss will join us as we learn about her cultural traditions and bring her into ours. While we still wait for the NOC from India, and pray it will come quickly, she is daily nearer to my heart.

Praise God for a winter weather Christmas, special days, family, my children, and all that is glory.