DIY Quesoretta

A few weeks ago I got a little playful in the kitchen, and combined various ingredients which resulted in a surprisingly tasty meal!
So much so, that Mr. Abear called me to specifically tell me to write the recipe down, something a wife loves to hear!

Ingredients for a Thin Version:

Olive Oil
1 Whole Wheat Tortilla
1 Tsp Chevre 
1 Slice of Prosciutto, torn into large pieces
1/4 Cup Mozzarella Cheese
About 1/3 leaf Swiss Chard coarsely chopped
Avocado for garnish

- Optional, a Tsb of fig jam spread on half the tortilla
To Make:

Slowly warm the tortilla over olive oil in the pan on a low - medium heat
Sprinkle all of the mozzarella, followed by the Swiss Chard, Prosciutto, and Chevre.
Fold half the tortilla over, let each side brown while holding the spatula over, and serve. 
If you're adding in the fig jam, spread it on half the tortilla before putting it in the pan. 

Serving Size: One Quesoretta
Calories: about 298 -- possibly a slight overestimation, check your ingredient labels for calorie details