the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.
"the advent of television"
synonyms: arrival, appearance, emergence, materialization, occurrence, dawn, birth,rise, development;
the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.
noun: Advent
the coming or second coming of Christ.
noun: Advent

Are you excited? That "notable person" is Christ. Christ, the One who took the sins of the world upon Himself. Christ, the one who hung on a tree, so that the tree in our living rooms this season might remind us that there are trees we did not have to hang upon. Christ, the notable one who came as a Babe, wrapped in cloth at His birth, and wrapped again at His burial, awaiting the Resurrection. Christ, the One who came in peace, but is coming again to separate those who believe from those who don't. Christ, God incarnate who felt our suffering upon His flesh, making Himself relateable to us - the great Comforter. 

Aren't you excited that there's hope? That this sin infested world is not the end? I am. 
To celebrate, many are reading through various Advent activities this year. Would you like to know more about this baby King that even Nikolaos of Myra (Santa Claus) loved so dearly?

Here are some free resources to help you celebrate this blessed season - 

A colorful one for the littles and young at heart:

A daily family devotion: