Time to Breathe

We're all just one breath away from here to eternity.
It's put my feet on holy ground realizing how close, and how vast, that really is. 
I've been a "yes" girl for as long as I can remember - no just doesn't seem to fit with who I am. Today I had to do that very thing I have not known to say, fearlessly. I had to tell a group of souls that I've become close with that it's time to step back, to take time, to heal. What came back was an outpouring of love, little notes letting me know it was ok to do this, that we were ok. 

Have I allowed others to say no to me in such a way? Where I outpour my love onto them because I see their need as greater than my own? This cluster of people did just that, it emanated from their hearts. It made me love them more knowing their support. This moment of my life helps me realize that others have said no for a million other reasons than selfish rudeness. I can think back on times where friends stepped back because of illness, the grief of death, the priority of other parts of life for a season - and I have this new found respect, that they needed to gain the time for healing/peace/loving well. Time is so fleeting, that to not use it to gain peace with the Creator, peace with oneself, and love others wildly, there is no reason to have any time at all. And here we are, back on hallowed ground, seeing that eternity is but a breath away. Will we use the prologue of forever to pause, breathe, love, serve, and repeat - and will we grant that precious time to others with grace in the way it was given to me?