On one hand I feel like I'm profusely sweating out the toxins of my own humanity, showing my sin to every person I'm in longer-than-thirty-second contact with, and on the other - I feel like am completely aware that I'm swimming in grace. I feel alone yet full, completely full of this God-love circulating all around me, this mercy that fills my cup in the obvious, while my heart tries to catch up to the knowledge that He's there, pouring into the glass. 

Today was a duality of days where the light that preceded the dusk held the moments of loss-awareness, and then the smiling face of a beloved friend walked through my door and it all dissipated. And then more feet carrying the souls of more loved ones passed through my door, all bearing thoughtfulness and helping hands. And those helping hands make a heavy heart light; sitting at a table all together under summer last-light, I found myself snug in the midst of family all around.