beautiful things

Awestruck wonder.
Miracles in the everywhere. In the quiet, in the chaos, trailing after sadness only to precede the joy.
My little boy full of lethargy and sadness for days, brief bouts of happy and smiles... healed before the medicine properly provided health restored. Miracles in a hospital room.

A guitar stolen, precious tool gone, retrieved after prayers. Strings strummed in praise to the Creator who returned it. Miracles in the absence and return.  

God works within the crevices of the struggles. Jesus cries with us, mourns and grieves near our side. We are not alone or abandoned, yet we willingly depart from joy abounding in search of happiness un-fulfilling. We are lost of our own volition, we are found because of sweet grace, nothing of our own design.

Be encouraged, dear one, there is a Deliverer ever present. Ever real. 
Waiting, loving, blessing, taking, giving. Praise Him for the trial, praise Him for the gifts. 

my sweet boy, health restored.