A Boy's Fairy Tale

For Little Abear's fourth birthday party I wanted to do something to honor the imagination in him. So, I went scouting about and found +this+ fairy tale themed party from Pinterest. It was a great inspiration and launching point for his "Robin Hood, Peter Pan and the Three Abears" party.
Coming up with clever food & favor labels was a fun test of the imagination between friends and family, and even the birthday boy himself helped out with it.

*The cups, napkins, plastic ware, plates and lantern were from one of my favorite new party brands, 
Oh Joy for Target
*Ah-mazing cakes created by my mama
*Paint stir stick swords by my handsome husband/"Twinkle-Bell" wands by yours truly 
+ I wish I could give credit where it's due, but I'm pretty sure the Peter Pan Party hat was a Pinterest find!