All the Little Things

A little over a month ago I allowed myself to start walking away from that thankful journey mentioned some posts ago. 
The underbelly of thankfulness is such a lonely, sad place. 
Ingratitude is the thief of joy.

I'm thankful for dancing in the kitchen with my love, making a little boy smile.
I'm thankful for toddler reasoning.
Thankful for too many friends around a table once big, squeezed in tight and happy.
I'm thankful for the thoughtfulness of a sea foam green gift to keep color in a life.
Grateful for best friends - the ones that will cry for your sorrow, cry with you; 
saying nothing just to say everything.
Praise God for Jesus and grace, and second chances. Forgetting, and pressing on.

I'm planning, Lord willing, on being the thief. Stealing the joy back thanks by thanks.