Meet the Three Kings

Kevin, Mary, & Mady are a unit.
Kevin and Mary have a symbiotic relationship of servitude. They are quick to listen to others, and wise in the way in which they respond. Kevin provides others with perpetual encouragement, he shepherds his church by example. Mary in turn provides a safe refuge in her home for her family, and sees to it that their little girl is raised to love their Master well. Mary speaks highly of Kevin in his absence, a true example of a loving and well-respecting wife.
Mady is sweet, vibrant, and well spoken for one so small. She is inclusive of others, a trait that cannot be uplifted enough.

As a family, they are quick to accept others. Strangers are extended a welcome in this church in an exceptional way, under exceptional leadership do circumstances like this exist. They are open to serve, and bear Christ's calling for their lives with humility and joy.

Meet Kevin, Mary, & Mady - our Bible based, sincere, role-modeling, church leading friends.

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