Meet Nadia

Nadia is giving. She invests herself in everything she does. She is a Registered Dental Hygienist by day, keen-eyed crafter by night. Solutions seem to come easily to her, beauty is crafted with love. She is a hard worker, both at her job and at anything she sets her mind to, she seems to be perpetually creating; striving to build skills, to give, to share new interests with others. Nadia is dependable, a thick and thin friend. This girl has the faith of a mustard seed and more - knowing that her God will bring her past loss, past cancer, past any momentary hurdle. 
By her faith she encourages others, and she never stops persevering. She honors her husband well, serves her family, commits to her friends. Her time is a gift, her love a blessing.

Meet Nadia - my dear and crafty RDH friend.