Meet David

Deep breath. 

This month's bio is not about one of my dearest friends, it is about my dearest beloved. 

David is a unique soul to say the least. He loves deeply. He is quick to make friends, of all kinds, and he learns from them. He has an insatiable desire to learn. He will sit with a homeless man for lunch with the same regard he would if he was dining with nobility, status doesn't seem to make a difference to him. 

David treasures his son. He champions his achievements with great enthusiasm, he works hard to build respect and kindness in Little Abear. He loves his wife endlessly, tirelessly. He gives thoughtfully. Humor isn't lost on him, the most mediocre of moments could be material for laughter. 

Jesus is so very real to him, David works hard to follow his King. 
He sings from somewhere within his soul. 
He is creative, resourceful - a source of inspiration.
He is supportive, humble, strong.

Meet David, my Southern raised, AZ based, best-BEST friend.