Father's Day

Hundreds of bedtime stories set an imagination loose in me that still longs to be caught up in a great tale. 
He was (still is) the perfect example of a man. Restrained yet strong, wise and humble. By being the best dad he inadvertently made me want the best husband. He writes for himself, for others - for fiction and for truth.
I inherited his quirky humor, the kind that will lead to spontaneous action for a humorous effect.
His knowledge comes from a well-read, experienced life - and with not a hint of arrogance. 
Any question I have I always feel comfortable asking him insight on, his answers and opinions have always carried great weight.

I have been richly blessed to have a father who has faithfully treasured my mom, who loves me well, who will talk for hours with my husband who greatly enjoys many of the same topics, and who loves his grandson with the sweetest regard.