Apple Butter

Yesterday was a science experiment and domestic adventure in making apple butter with a friend. 

We used:

12 Small Local Apples
1.5 Cups Raw Local Honey
1 3/4 TSP Ground Cinnamon
1 3/4 TSP Ground Cloves
1 Bottle Sparkling Cider (we substituted grape for apple)

Go ahead and:

> Peel, core and slice the apples
> Boil them in cider until they're soft enough to mash with a potato masher
> Puree them in a food processor 
> Add in the spices + honey, blend, and cook on low for 1.5 hours, 
or until it thickens to a desired consistency 
> Ladle into sterilized jars, and enjoy!

If you're not going to seal the jars, let cool and refrigerate. 
To seal, use a fresh lid tightened but not overdone, 
and boil making sure the jar is fully covered by water for 10 minutes.