Mother's Day DIY

While my best Mother's Day gift napped, I worked on a little DIY project. This weekend we picked up a few items perfect for a little homemade art project/wall hanging. Our first stop was Paper Source, where I purchased a sheet of Rifle Paper Co. paper - a company that has my interest these days. 

Today we stopped by our local thrift store and picked up a 16 X 20 frame to house the paper. A friend suggested painting the corners gold, which made our last stop the craft store. 

After pulling out a fair share of nails, I discovered this little note on the back - it made the original piece in the frame just a little more "real", someone at one time thought it was special and important. 

Next I did a measurement of the corners to tape them off accordingly.  I chose a smaller measurement to be more subtle with the paint job.

While I waited for the paint to dry, I decided to have some fun with a few of our army men :)

I am terrible with measuring, so for the cutting of the paper I just outlined the backboard of the frame onto the paper, and corrected the lines with the ruler as needed. 

Mr. Abear was kind enough to help with the hanging. We used an old chain from the garage and put some of the gold paint on it. 

And voila! A fun and simple DIY done on a perfectly peaceful Sunday afternoon.