Meet Cassidy

Her words are softly and carefully spoken. Grace and hospitality have been established within her; humility is the overture to all she does. Cassidy is committed to what God has laid before her. She is a gifted creative, setting her hands to work in coaxing a harvest from her garden, giving new life to finds from the past, crafting new recipes to try, seeking beauty in all crevices of life. She loves and serves her beloved well, they are a pair that works as one. Within her grows a new life that will be well served by a mother who longs for holiness. 

Cassidy is a self-investigating individual, a jewel that grows brighter as she seeks to learn what her Maker would teach her. This was a friendship that came out of nowhere by a Divine Matchmaker. He has graciously paired me with someone to pray for, encourage and uplift me. 

Meet Cassidy, my tender hearted, eloquent, and faithful friend.