Meet Melissa

Melissa is intelligent, sincere, compassionate, perseverant and faithful - to name a few. She is one of the lifelong friends I am so deeply blessed to have. Perseverance has led her to a career as a professor at a Texas college, and is a trait helping her continue her journey onto receiving a doctorate. In a single conversation with her one might be humbled, encouraged, contemplate great truths, and leave intellectually challenged.
In an all too often cookie cutter culture she has been graced with the ability to stay true to her faith and convictions - convictions that so deeply challenge a selfish heart to strive for better and give more to this world. If ever there was such a thing as an optimistic realist, it would be her. She sees situations for what they are, and uses her God-given gift to encourage those around her despite their circumstances. Melissa is a loyal, loving friend. She is someone I have always been able to dream up future adventures with - marriage, trips, missions... that in and of itself is a great gift to have someone to share that with.
Melissa lives out her values and imparts the truths she learns, and the world is better for it.

Meet Melissa, my ever-learning, ever-teaching Texas friend. 

If you happen to be in the Waco, TX area I encourage you to check out one of Melissa's passions, Church Under the Bridge. Click to donate and learn more about this wonderful community of givers.