Creator Bestows the Created

As I'm working on my third friend bio for 2013, a realization struck me. 
I've been sitting here thinking on all of these wonderful qualities friends have been blessed with, only to see that they are qualities reflective of the God that created them. 

Some friends are compassionate and welcoming, reminiscent of God incarnate who saves the adulterous woman, heals a ruler's daughter and sits at table with a tax collector. Others are creatively talented - blessed by the same Hand that paints the skies, sets the beautiful beasts of the earth on their legs and gives scent to the rose. Still others are strong and peaceful, reminding me of a Jesus who blessed the blind beggar yet cast salespersons from the temple.

Before introducing you to anyone else, I would most like you to meet this God that allows me to kneel before His throne, this Jesus that bears my burdens and forgives my debts and shame.

*Above references to John 8:1-11, Matthew 9:18, Luke 19:1-10, the creation story of Genesis Chapter 1, Luke 18:35-43, Mark 11:15-19.