Meet Dana

"I'm not into the craft, I'm into the message."
Dana's heart pumps art straight through her veins into her fingertips and onto whatever she sets her mind to create. Printmaking is her trade, although drawing/bookmaking/resin coating/paper making and so much more are tucked away into her portfolio of talents. She can play enough instruments to be a one (wo)man band, but prefers her turntable to provide entertainment for others. Home grown mid-western charm followed her all the way to the southwest, an adventure she embarked on to learn more of her trade. People, coffee, and home crafted Wisconsin cheese seem to be non-negotiables, understandably so. Little One, Molly and her record collection are her late night working companions while she produces art for meaning. Dana's work has traveled state lines, although the work in her home can (and soon will) produce a gallery showing of it's own. Conversation rolls fluidly with her, as evidenced by our closing down a restaurant on more than one occasion. She is thoughtful and uplifting, insightful and honest.

Meet Dana, my born and raised Midwestern friend. 

~ Please join me in celebrating Dana LeMoine's MFA show April 22nd through the 26th in ASU's Step Gallery in the plaza on the southwest side of Mill and University behind Chili's ~