Meet Jaime

Jaime is inspiration wrapped in interest. She moves people merely by the way in which she lives. She is sweet and kind, and makes sure to include everyone around her. Jaime and her photographer husband sold most of everything and moved to a boat in San Diego, so that one day they could pursue an even greater adventure. Last time we spent time together she challenged me to buy more used clothing instead of new; Jaime also has a knack for pulling the most aesthetically pleasing outfits out of thrift stores. She also sews, shoots film and takes care of people for a living, but I'd rather say she does it because she's good at that sort of thing. I feel like I could ask her about her life for hours and I'd still be learning something inspiring. She's humble too, kind of an all around win, isn't she? 

Meet Jaime, my Ocean Sailing San Diego friend.