ayofemi jewelry ~

A while back I jumped into a blog contest to win a piece of Ayofemi Jewelry - finding out I had won was quite the exciting bit of news. I've had my eye on some of this talented artist's work for a little while, it's such a treat to now have a piece of her collection. This little bracelet is so dainty I think only a macro lens would do it justice. The craftsmanship is detailed and conceptual, wearable art. Not only is Ayo a super talented jewelry designer, but a great blogger and a sweet girl whom I had the fortune to meet not too long ago at a bird wedding (yes, I said bird wedding ;-). If you're looking for some music/fashion/gift inspiration (plus other fun blog features) check her out here! If you're looking for a great piece of jewelry, head on over to her Etsy shop

Happy Thursday folks!