December 10

 All photos are surrounded by some kind of story, I'm going to go ahead and give you a little history to go along with these. 

For as long as I can remember I've attended the midnight Christmas Eve service at my parents church, caroling by candle light included. When I was very young, I remember Ginger standing in front of the church and singing a song that can only be described as divine. As a little girl I would sit and listen with the intent of one listening to angels. 

Years passed, Chris and Ginger had three beautiful daughters and I was asked to babysit them. We had plenty of mac + cheese and bedtime story nights, cooking and jammy time at it's finest. 
Ginger started mentoring me throughout all of this, inspiring a teenage girl how to live for Christ, encouraging me to live by conviction. I think my parents were probably breathing heavy sighs of relief that I got caught up with people like this. A few years into the mentoring and I had found myself a boy. He, of course, had to go through the rigorous process of being onced over by my folks, he did well and then Chris and Ginger asked to meet him. They had us over for dinner, and looking back it has meant so much to have "outsiders" love me enough to join in on the meet-the-new-guy process. 

Through thick and thin they've stuck with the Hebert pack - I know God loves me by the friends and family He gave me, I couldn't ask for better. Ginger delivered Christian (in addition to an outrageously good singing voice, she's an amazing midwife too) and now her girls have watched him, and he absolutely adores them.  Life has a funny way of coming full circle. 

In addition to singing and home births, Chris' baking is delicatessen worthy, and he's a super prayer warrior. Alex is growing into a woman who cares about the world deeply, mentioning observations to me that are insightful beyond her years. I've also been watching her start her own creative photography journey. 
Audrey is bound to be a phenomenal mom, her patience is never-ending and at her young age she's already turning into a style savvy young woman. 
Lily is the most versatile little person I think I've ever met. She can have a conversation with a 30 year old and keep a two year old on his toes. She has an eye for sports, yet is turning into quite a little lady. 

Now that you've been formally introduced, here are some shots from my time with them.