Peter & Tiffany

David met Peter working at a coffee shop some years ago and 5 years later I'm extremely grateful for their friendship. After David and I got married we sort of lost touch with Peter for a year or so, but as we were driving through a parking lot at the mall about a year ago we saw a familiar face walking past our car holding hands with a beautiful girl. So, in our tactful fashion we stopped the car and yelled for Peter to come over. We decided dinner should take place immediately, so that evening we met his future wife. They'd been dating for a year or so, and they were just so sweet together. But, I didn't know what to do with her. She was honest, she was confident, and her conversational presence was totally encouraging, because we could be "real" after only knowing her an hour and a half. And that, that is something to hold onto, something unique and special. I quickly figured out what to do with Tiffany's sweet and honest personality, be myself back. 

Peter has found the girl God made for him, he has found his Eve. They were wed in their castle surrounded by an Eden of their own, with those around them that love them in the most whole hearted of ways. This wedding had me fogging up my contacts, true love joined here eloquently, to carry out whatever God has for them. From the very beginning their goal has been to serve their Creator, and that mission didn't end at the altar, it blossomed. Before the ceremony their beloved friends prayed over them, and sent them off to each other's arms with the grace of God's love over them. Tiffany's Maid of Honor said something so deeply thoughtful, in front of all gathered at the reception she stated that she would always point Tiffany back to God and Peter, she would never speak ill of Peter. Her mission as Tiffany's best friend was clear, it was to protect their marriage. 

The night ended with friends and loved ones cheering them onto their future, goodbye waves and a few closing dances. I look forward to their adventures as husband and wife, and I'm interested to learn from them as they navigate this new road of marriage. Congrats to the newlyweds, I pray God continues to provide for you and bless you just as He did so clearly in this past few months.