Sunday Afternoon

Today I photographed a family that is dear to my heart. This is one of the first families that welcomed my dad into the church when he was looking for Christ about thirty years ago. This family happens to contain one of my besties of 20 + years. And this family also happens to make me giggle, with comments today such as "give mom and dad their privacy" (while photographing one part of the family's parents), and this little conversation
(paraphrased, of course)

me: I'm not sure who you look like (speaking to six year old Jake)

Jake: I look like my uncle Rob

me: Do you want to be a musician like him too?

Jake: No, I don't know any magic tricks.

The sweet little conversational mishaps with kids are certainly some of the most memorable. Well, here is a super small sneak peek of Jake (not to be confused with a magician), and the grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, sisters, cousin, uncles and aunts that go along with him.