Cinderella's Pumpkin

Yesterday my lovely sis-in-law, her two girls, David, Christian and I all loaded up into the car for a fun filled family day at the pumpkin patch. It was about a two hour drive out of town to the pumpkin festival. We played games, the kids picked their very own pumpkins, we (yes we) climbed through the large bouncy obstacle course, I tried pork rinds (yuck!), we had a bee encounter, made up some silly stories including naked noodles (don't ask) on the way home, relaxed for a few minutes and then went off to the church fall festival. Whew! Here are some photos taken during our little down time (aka my photo time) at the pumpkin festival earlier in the day. My secret to getting little Kate to hold still was to tell her my own mini rendition of the story of "Cinderella's pumpkin", and Kate helped out by letting me know facts about the mermaid princess as well, how could we forget Ariel? Silly Aunt Tam. It was a great and eventful day with family, so blessed to be able to say that I have family to do things like this with, and during my favorite season at that!