Catching a Moment

Yesterday Little Abear went to refresh the water in the birdcage, and one of the birds, Joy, decided it was time for his escape. He’s been a little escape artist since the beginning, and each time causes a commotion in the Abear house. He lives up to his name with the glee and laughter that ensues in the home, even though he can be a little ornery at times, especially when caught.

I had already been capturing some images before his big escape, so my camera was near at hand, and the lighting/moment was too perfect not to capture. It was a family affair to catch him, but as always, he was caught and gently released back into his cage to his little friend Puffet.

These images tell a story with or without the added words, storytelling through imagery is one of my favorite art forms with any given media. What stories have you told lately? Have you been able to document them, capture them in any special way? I’d love to hear or see. Feel free to post a link to your own site or blog below!




My Two Joys

I don’t do this enough on here, but I’m totally going to mom-gush for a minute, and oh my goodness, where do I start with these two? I am so, SO proud of them for all they’ve worked hard to accomplish this last year. From Ella still working on her English skills to fully spelling her name and learning other letter sounds, and Little Abear playing his first soccer games - I’m definitely beaming.

This last weekend were culminating events of two of their extracurricular activities, and they just knocked it out of the park! Ella had her Swan Lake themed ballet recital, and she was just a little darling.


Little Abear had his Art Gallery, this year in our own home with all of my little students. I have watched his imagination continue to grow, and his artistic ability along with it. I’m definitely a grateful teacher and mama!!




M y L o v e s & I

A collaboration of love between David & I, capturing my babies and I together. Thankful for my man who does silly stuff like this with a joyful heart, it might’ve been an impromptu session but it sure will last me a lifetime.


Sessions: In Full Color


The loveliest weather is upon us, spring is here and trees are the boldest green, flowers fragrant and gardens yearning to bring forth life.

Recently I had the blessing of capturing a family with four precious little ones, some seriously sweet & gentle personalities. This family with whom we also had the recent joy of planting a spring garden with, something to anticipate and stand in wonder of when each new bloom bears fruit. Our session, I think, was also a sweet moment of establishing and planting moments that will bloom into memories that will be enjoyed for years to come. We enjoyed finding perfect lighting and location, as well as friendly chats with kind passerbys.

It was a good, heart-filling session; I am so grateful to work for the kind of people that don’t make this career work at all.