The Chair

I've decided to embark on a journey.
In 100 words or less I'd like to tell the stories of 100 people around me. I don't want fancy surroundings; just a simple background, a chair and one or two visual elements representing who the person is.

The catch - allowing me to post the images here so I can share my perspective of the world I see. 

Ginger and a few other ingredients...

Ginger is passionate, compassionate, and encouraging. Ginger is giving - of her time, love, words, thoughts and prayers.  She will never sit idly by while those she cares about do wrong, but she will always encourage those around her to strive for goodness in the most loving way. 

Alex the observer. She builds mental notes of the world around her, and implements them in ways to be considerate to the people that surround her. Conscientious and mature beyond her years she is an example to those older than herself.   

Audrey.  She is nurturing and thoughtful, kindhearted to the core. One day I see Audrey loving children that are unloved, helping the helpless, working on a mission field somewhere. 
Adventure waits for Audrey.

Miss Lily. Last, but certainly not least, she is a comedienne with an explorer's spirit. She learns from the world around her and contributes in her small - but ever so important way.  

Although not pictured above - Chris, the leader of the family, cannot be forgotten. He is strong but humble, supportive of his family and giving to his friends, constantly leading 
his family toward Christ.
If this were a recipe, it would make one very loving, caring, accepting family. Once they take you in as their own, it's for life - just the way it should be.