A b o u t

Who We Are
We are a trio - David, Christian and myself. In a sense choosing me chooses all of us. David inspires many ideas that translate to images (as well as photographing some events himself), and Christian patiently waits while mommy works on "just one more photo". 

Through a blessed series of events I finished school with a degree in Art Studies. I had an amazing opportunity there to learn about photography -- film and digital, and learn about inspiring photographic artists that were capturing beauty long before my time. My desire is for the lines to blur between art and lifestyle photography as I grow more in this trade. 

So - what else? Besides photography I love cooking (not baking, yet) DIY projects, reading, round table discussions of art, sword fighting (plastic, of course), traveling, shows/movies that keep me in suspense, David's sense of humor, hearing "mommy" from a four-year-old's voice,
Brett Dennen/The Avett Brothers/John Mayer/..., spontaneity, 
and most of all Jesus who "first loved us" 1 John 4:19. 

How We Started
Not really so long story short, "we" as in Tamara Rose Photography started as a high school girl trying to figure out her dream job. 
I had started playing around with my little point and shoot, conversed with my dad about careers, took one shot I ended up loving, and have worked for the past 7+ years learning through classes, trial and error, great experiences, and the insight of many talented people; and I hope to continue to learn for many years to come. 

If you wanted to know how "we" the Hebert family started, we'll have to grab a cup of coffee or tea and share some stories. 
Coffee + people + great talks are another passion of mine. 

What We Do
We (David & myself) do almost everything together. So, when this passion started gaining momentum, he joined me on the wedding front. I couldn't do it without his love, support, and creative eye. We are often looking to better our gear to aid in creating images to be treasured. While cameras/lenses help make a photo technically beautiful, I believe it's taking the photo at the perfect moment in the perfect place that makes an image one to be paused at. I'm far more interested in the moment than I am in a Christmas card portrait. If you are too, then I think we'd be a great match.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at tamararose@hotmail.com