DIY Four Ingredient Trail Mix

Awhile back my mom took her bff, Little Abear and I on a road trip, and before we left the house I decided to throw some snacks in a bag for a last minute trail mix. And so was born one of the most amazing trail mixes of all time. I've slightly tweaked it, but the star of the show has been and still definitely is the sunflower seeds. Check out the ingredient list and you'll see why!


Maple Toffee, Rosemary & Thyme Sunflower Seeds from Trader Joe's
Unsweetened chocolate chunks
Raw Almond Slices

*I bought all of my ingredients from T.J.'s for this little mix, but if you have favorites of the other ingredients, I'm sure they'll do! :)

How to:

If you want to be precise, go ahead and measure out each ingredient per serving amount, which will also give an exact calorie count per trail mix created. Otherwise, just eyeball it! I wouldn't put in quite as many chocolate chunks though, it's surprising how a little goes a long way with these, and I'm even a chocolate lover! The seasonings from the sunflower seeds are delightfully out of the ordinary, so if you haven't tried these I would encourage you to head to Trader Joe's asap and pick up a bag! 
I never know how long they'll keep something in stock, if only their stores were just a little bit bigger ;)

Do you have a favorite travel snack? Leave a comment, I would love to know!