All or Nothing

Tonight Little Abear and I were talking about following The Lord vs. following the Devil... good nighttime conversation, I know ;) Bear loves talking about The Lord, about the Bible, and it is such a joy to watch him grow this way. 
I decided to put it in total kid language... here's the general idea of part of our discussion - 
'If Satan offered you all the toys in the world, but told you not to love Jesus, would that be good?' And he responded that 'we could love Jesus and get all the toys in the world... or love Jesus and have nothing.' Ah, he learns this glorious Nothing is worth all of the somethings a million lifetimes could offer. This Nothing is really the Greatest Something, Someone rather, the treasure in the field worth selling all for (Matthew 13:44).
Our church steadfastly prays for the persecuted church, and I look at my life and see a life plagued by luxury. I can choose to go on vacations, while the far end of the world succumbs to the knowledge that the life they were born into will be the life they die out of. My house could be full, full of all pleasures, but my soul could be parched and lonely. I could have all the praise of the world, be liked on every form of social media, but be devoid of all fulfilling love.

Things are not bad, it's the value we place on them. Being valued itself is not bad, it's the self-worship we place upon ourselves. I think what Bear and I are learning, is that a life sold out to Someone greater than ourselves is a life full. Abundantly full. Why would a parched soul drink from the polluted puddles of the world when there is an ocean full of grace?  Why wouldn't I give of myself whole heartedly, to the world, to Him? I'm learning, oh so slowly, but I am so thankful for grace that is ocean big, though my times of selfishness may be many, the water might be more to cleanse me still.
And back to this small child, teaching me that he is teachable. That I am teachable, and we are learning together. When Mr. Abear's and my soul cups are full they might spill into his little life, 
and simple bedtime conversations may be full of glory in all things.