NuTransform Nutrition by Lauren

I am super thankful for this long list of creative and talented people in my life.
Last Saturday I got to hang out with my friend Lauren while she crafted a homemade protein bar recipe,
of which I was a happy benefactor of the byproduct - it was delicious.

Lauren has her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition (Dietetics), and is interested in helping those around her achieve their health goals. She longs to live a God honoring life, which I think is essential to any wholly healthy lifestyle.

Her story is inspiring, her personality uplifting. 

Not only do these bars taste delicious, but they are a good source of protein, too. 
Fruit, nuts, chocolate... and so much more. They were crafted with care, quality, and health in mind.

Lauren is kind, knowledgeable, attentive, and ever-learning. To see what she's up to, learn more about her services, ask her how to get a hold of these delicious protein bars, and make an inspiring new friend, check out her website by clicking here