The Start of Things to Come, Part II

India, so blatantly an option. I communicated this interested to R. (previously mentioned adoption liaison), and she directed me to the liaison who would be able to help with India. "K." was/is more than anything I would've asked for in an agency representative. She is the messenger we were waiting for, the one who will be introducing us to our child. We prayed as a family, and signed the initial application. We were sent the first part of the formal application, something we worked through, sent back, and suddenly this burning in our hearts was turning into a formal act.

Little Abear was a little confused and still totally enthusiastic that a new brother or sister was coming from India. He will be the best big brother.

While we had fallen in love with our placing agency more than halfway across the country, we decided to look into a new local home study agency, since ours was needing to be updated for India. I asked K. for some insight, and she sent me three agencies she was familiar with. I called the first on her list, just half an hour past their closing hours. The automated message answered "Press 1 if you would like... press 2 if you would like..." I had no idea - no numbers for home studies. I pressed the most closely related option, and almost fell off my chair. The voice on the answering machine was a lifelong family friend; how had this knowledge of her position there escaped me?!
Because this halfway-across-America connection was supposed to be a miracle. Because God so graciously gave us someone we can confidently trust to advocate for us.

Our family has embraced this, our friends are laying themselves down in support. The sacrifices people have made have been so selfless, so thoughtful. The Lord is bringing people out of the woodwork to serve. India was supposed to fall away for awhile, so that this could all happen as it should, so that we could be paired with the little one God has set out for us. So that we could see the miracles in all of these gifts.