A Little Wisdom

Last weekend I was blessed to be able to capture an anniversary party for two couples celebrating their 40th & 50th anniversaries, respectively. The two wives shared some sweet & simple advice that I thought I might pass along... 

The first: love your spouse more than you love your job and more than you love your children. Because one day, you won't have a job and your children will be gone - and then it will just be you and your spouse again. (this is so true, and yet so hard to acknowledge sometimes!)

The second wife said, "When we were first married J. used to hold my hand in bed every night and say, 
"'Lord, please make us a team'"
and I look back and realize, He did!"

Simple words proven through thick and thin. 
Lord willing Mr. Abear and I will continue looking at one another with such affection in 47 years, our children gathered close with us, and our friends still as dedicated & animated as ever.