Finding India

I don't even know what to title this post, hopefully by the end of it I will.

This journey has been long, and will be still longer, but we have hope. This is a beautiful walk with the Lord. Our heart for adopting was placed in us differently, so much so, but nevertheless it was placed in us by the great Adopter. I never thought, but He knew.

We have been on the journey to find our littler Abear for nearly two years, but the fire was placed in us long before that. It was a long journey, with a hole at the end, unknown, sucking us in. We looked into adopting a number of ways and from many places, so many times it didn't seem right. And so we were searching, and lost. Until recently, when the latest prospect was coming to a close, this light appeared to us. 


We are so full of joy to announce that we, Lord Willing, are adopting from India. Our second little love will be in India, with someone loving them and preparing them for us until they're in our arms. Little Abear longs for a little brother or sister from India, and their daddy cannot wait to bring them in as his forever own. India, the name cannot roll off my tongue enough. India, the home of my heart's longing. There is still a long road to them, with much to be done. Paperwork has been signed to make this real, real to me anyway. It's always been real to my Lord who designed it; and this business of "finding India" was never real anyway, it was always there, waiting to be re-introduced to us at exactly the right moment. 

All things are orchestrated for the good of those that serve Him, and for His glory.

Praise the Lord for India, for a home for my little one, for allowing us to wander into the desert only to show us the bountiful blessing ahead.

Sending away our paperwork last year, and the approval to adopt that followed!

Telling our little love with books

Before we ever knew it was India, our love for him/her was waiting.