My Little Mate

Little Abear turns 3 this weekend. 

Three years ago I was about to meet someone that would change my life forever. Little Abear is compassionate and passionate. He is joyful, imaginative, and full of kindness. This small being has taught me more about God's love for us than I could even begin to think of.
God has gifted us more than we could have ever imagined with this little boy - I love him more as each day passes, I am continually in awe of what goodness God has placed in such a young child.

While marriage replicates Christ's relationship with the church, I so feel that parenting is an earthly display of God's affection toward us as individuals. When we are scared and alone, we have God as Father to turn to. When we are joyful, Jesus is eager to share that with us. In triumph, we are victorious because He held our hand through it all. In our waking and resting God watches over us, loves us deeply and desires an intimate love reciprocated. I have tasted the smallest imaginable concept of this through motherhood, and I am blown away.

This small son makes each new day a possibility for a slew of adventures. We grow and learn together, how to journey through this parent/child relationship, and we are ever learning to give each other grace when we fall. A new aspect of this beautiful personality greets me often, what a blessed gift. 

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy.