My Mama

 Tonight, yet again, I was blown away by how wonderful my mom is. She has endured so much throughout her life, but has always pushed forward. Not only did she not give up when chaos erupted in her young life, but she fought for what was right and against worldly destiny became a strong, independent woman who continues to seek out the Heart of God. 

When I was little I resented the sound instruction and took it as strict torment. Years later I now see the love in every "no", the grace in every forgiving embrace, and the passion my mom had to raise me to the best of her ability. I also regret a whole lot of rebellion on my part, but that's left to the past with the hope to always give her a better today. Mama has brought David in as her own, given Christian her whole heart, and continues to be an amazing wife to my Dad. 

With all the things that hurt me, anger me, frustrate and just confuse me, God has once again made me aware of a very special gift in my life, and I'm blessed to call her my mom.
 *Photo credit to Amy Glover Photography*