I think so often the fact that someone believes in your passion pushes you to achieve it. That, and the fact that God has given you a gift. Sure, this might seem like old news, but it's news that seems to be clicking for me these days. I'm noticing the days that David tells me he believes I can do it, the days where failure isn't a thought, and others let me know that I'm trusted with a task greater than myself, seem to be the days where good things come. 

I would hope that one day my faith will strengthen enough to where opposition doesn't hinder me, what others think of me doesn't matter as long as I'm doing the right thing, but these days it's an extra bit of nice to be believed in. So tomorrow, tell someone they can do it. They're worth trying whatever the task is before them, and maybe, just maybe a flower will blossom. 
And won't it be nice to be standing there watching and holding the watering pail?