Happily Ever Afters

Around 34 years ago a man was working at a local college when a coworker of his mentioned that his relative thousands of miles away would be interested in an American pen pal. This less than partial truth led to a letter to his future pen pal of four years. Some hundreds of letters later, the young man took his first trip around the world to meet the woman who he only knew through written thought.

11 days into this face to face friendship he knew that this woman was to become his wife. And so, 30 years, many adventures and hundreds of stories later, God used one letter to join Bill and Dusanka in a life long union.

Last night we were blessed to celebrate their anniversary with many of their friends. I am so beyond blessed to have these two people as my parents. Their adventures, silliness, youthful spirits and passionate love for one another never ceases to amaze me. In eager anticipation I wait to see what God does with them through many more years of marriage and service to one another.