Zane + Shauna

Around every turn is a memory. God has allowed today to be another one of those that will forever stay with me.

Today was Zane and Shauna's wedding day. It was going to be a very private, small courthouse wedding with only their closest friends and family, and I was allowed so graciously to be there capturing their special day. So, Shauna and her m.0.h. Justine came over in the mid afternoon to finish getting ready for the occasion. We had some laughs, and then piled in the car to head out to greet this new life awaiting Shauna. We arrive at the courthouse, and to our dismay, no justice of the peace. I think every lady friend reading this probably just gasped, and yup, it's true. I mean, there was a sneaking suspicion that we may be in trouble since I guess we were supposed to call an hour before hand, but, it was only a half hour or so after the usual business hours.. but, I'm still a little surprised. The bride, the groom, the family, the best man, maid of honor, photographer, but no one to marry them. Hm. Well, hang on. This thing still has a chance, right? Ok. We start making phone calls, had a church graciously opened up to us, and then the waiting started. Most importantly in this whole thing, we asked the Lord to provide someone to marry them (I don't remember exactly what was said, but I believe that to be the idea.)

And you know what? God provided. He is SO Good to us. We went down to a local restaurant for Zane and Shauna to see each other for the first time in the beautiful yard there, and it just so happened that the manager of the restaurant also is a minister.. BUT, we already had one by this time, and the location where we were ended up for photos in the restaurant's yard was the perfect spot for a summer's eve wedding. Zane and Shauna were married under the dusky sky of a mid summer's early evening, with those around them supporting them and loving on them on this crazy beautiful day. The pastor rocked it too, and his little wedding sermon was perfect. I didn't catch all of it, and I hope David can re-relay it to me, but what I did hear was beautiful.

Life seems to be getting more eventful. Or maybe I'm noticing stuff more. I don't know, whatever the case I wouldn't change anything. Tonight, tonight was memorably wonderful.